Studio philosophy

For many of our students and clients, Agni is a home away from home.  It is our hope that all who enter our doors will feel safe, supported, inspired & empowered.  Our mission is to create a warm, welcoming atmosphere & build a solid community among our student base and beyond.  Our classes are designed to suit any and all levels, from the brand new beginner to the seasoned yogi yearning to go deeper.  We offer a well-rounded approach of asana (yoga postures), meditation & relaxation, yoga philosophy & Ayurveda—a rare combination in the Cleveland area. 

Agni Studio team is here to provide wide selection of practical (classes and therapies) and educational (master classes and workshops) tools for enlivening, restoring and maintaining personal agni. Agni Yoga is a yoga of healing action. 

We cater to a wide variety of levels and ages and also have offerings and support for those struggling with trauma, anxiety, depression, chronic illness and pain. We meet you where you are and guide you toward your goals. It is our wish that, no matter what your life circumstance, you discover that any obstacle can be transformed into a pathway of unstoppable joy and unshakable power. 

Agni is a Sanskrit word which means "transformation fire". It also gives rise to English "ignite". When this term is used in Ayurvedic and Yogic Teachings it refers to our inner ability to digest (transform) the information we receive from environment, either of nutritional (food) or emotional (impressions, information, relationship) value and extract all the nourishing substances out of the experience we digest every second and let go of waste materials that become toxic unless properly eliminated. Agni is the center of this dynamic process of giving and receiving. The stronger your Agni, the healthier is your physical and emotional metabolism. 

We chose this name to symbolize our mission of creating safe and inspiring space for personal transformation and growth through yoga, meditation, massage and other holistic therapies. We truly believe that without restoring personal 'fire" one can not achieve long lasting results regardless of potency of the chosen healing modality. Only when one chooses to nurture inner power the real transformation is possible. Stress could be turned into passion, disease could be transformed into health, weakness into fitness, depression into joy, suffering into content. 

 So join us and discover the gift of AGNI, of harnessing your inner fire, of cultivating the radiance within and creating a life of your dreams.





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