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The Agni Studio is staffed by friendly dedicated professionals each of whom pay attention to the particular needs and abilities of the individual practitioner/student. The facility itself is kept admirably clean and tidy. While one may find a studio comparable to Agni, it seems unlikely they will find one better.

I have been to three classes with three different instructors and all of them are great! Especially taking the time to work with beginners like myself and each time people have commented on the good energy they feel there. Keep up the great work!

A peaceful studio offering yoga all day every day. I love that each instructor has their own style, so you don't get bored with the same person and most of them incorporate props (which are provided for use at no additional charge) so that all levels can make their pose their own. I had a little trouble finding the place my first time, but it is right next to the theater near Winking Lizard! The changing rooms and restrooms are super clean as is the rest of the studio. Great place!

I only went to Agni to make myself accountable as appose to practicing yoga at home. I got so much more! Three plus years later, still an annual member and loving it! Yoga and meditation classes get me out of my head and in addition offer benefits to my physical body. Along the way I have met great teachers, made friends and expanded my awareness. The staff has solicited and implemented requests by offering a variety of classes and workshops. I love the massages there, Deb & Tetyana are both knowledgeable and talented!

I love Agni!. It's been my "Happy Place" for over three years and I'm so grateful to have found a warm, welcoming place to practice. The environment is nurturing and non-threatening while at the same time, students are encouraged to achieve their personal best. Deb's classes are always a blast!

My niece Hannah and I decided to try yoga and searched for the closest studio in our area. We chose Agni Yoga Studio, which was conveniently located in the back of Eastgate. (We were also lucky enough to find a Groupon for our first group of classes, so we figured we had nothing to lose for checking it out.) Of course, there was nothing to worry about, because we loved it! Despite being overly nervous for our first class, we went in and immediately felt welcomed by the staff. The studio is attractive, clean, and has a very relaxing vibe to it. During our first class, Deb went out of her way to make sure we were doing the poses correctly, and stressed that it’s more about practice than perfection. We’ve since become big fans of the Vinyasa Flow classes and look forward to our weekly classes with Sue and Olga. Class sizes are relatively small (usually 3 to 8 people), and they’re always a bit different so that keeps them interesting. If you’re looking for a healthy way to get out of your head (with all those kooky thoughts that may be running around in it!), I highly recommend the classes at Agni!

I love Agni Yoga - it is such a nice and welcoming environment compared to some of the studios I’ve been to and the instructors always work with the students to help you get the most out of your practice. The classes are never overcrowded, either. It is perfect for new yogis and practiced yogis and a great place to unwind, focus, and get a few laughs and have a little fun if you want! I highly recommend!

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