200 HRS

200 Hour Level Agni Yoga Teacher Training


 Agni YTT program is completed over the course of months. Completion of the full program satisfies the requirements for Yoga Alliance certification at the 200-hour level.

 The program is open to students who wish to deepen their practice, to those who want to learn to teach yoga, and to teachers who are looking to expand their knowledge and satisfy continuing education requirements.

 The full program requires a significant time commitment so please consider your availability before registering.


Our curriculum gives you the foundation of the following goals:

• Teach basic principles of alignment with confidence and clarity
• Analyze a pose and learn the kramas or stages in order to introduce it to students in levels

• “See” bodies and use hands-on adjustments and modifications
• Articulate the attributes of each posture and know its Sanskrit name
• Teach breath awareness and beginning pranayama
• Teach vinyasa, hatha and/or gentle classes
• Lead guided relaxations and meditations
• Understand general principles of anatomy as they apply to yoga
• Learn about the history, philosophy and lineages of yoga
• Learn the business of teaching yoga
• Ethics and professionalism of being a yoga teacher
• Practice teaching and methodology
• Intelligently and safely create your own sequences
• Learn about subtle energy practices (chakras, etc.)
• Improve and commit to your own practice
• Deepen your practice with unlimited yoga at our studio during your training.


Q: Do I have to decide now if I want to teach Yoga?

A: No. Our program is designed for two kinds of students: those looking to deepen their practice by learning more than a class offers, and those who enroll to become registered Yoga teachers. We require all students to have a dedicated practice (home and studio) and to be attending yoga classes throughout the training. Some students will decide by the end of the training that they are ready to teach others, and some will not. It is an individual choice and the training will help you with that decision

Q : I’m not sure I am ready to teach Yoga.

A: We start where you are, at the beginning. We will learn the poses from the ground up and our course of study is very thorough. While it is ideal to have an established practice before starting Yoga Teacher Training, we will be doing so much Yoga during the program that by the time the year is over you will feel very comfortable with your level of accomplishment. Learning Yoga is a lifetime training and YTT is just the beginning.



To meet Yoga Alliance’s requirements for a 200-hour Registration, attendance at all sessions is mandatory.

Since students are required to attend all program sessions, any emergencies or class absences must be made up at the instructors discretion.

Credit will not be given for partial attendance.

We require that you take a minimum of one asana class at the studio per week as well as maintain a daily practice (which can be at home)

A certificate will be issued once all requirements have been met: Successful completion of all courses and all assignments in their entirety, and full payment of tuition.

Acceptance to the school:

A student may be accepted any time prior to the first day of class, provided there is space available.


Due to the personal nature of much of the program’s content, students are expected to adhere to our confidentiality policy. Students agree to not disclose any personal information about classmates either during the course of their study or after completion of the program. This helps to create a safe and supportive learning environment for all participants.


Deb Bunnell

To register:

1. E-mail deb@agnistudio.com an admission application. 

2. Deb will respond to set up a short Q&A registration meeting.





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