New to Yoga

New to Yoga

This is a very common question as many of us struggle with weight and body image issues. The system of yoga was developed to bring the body and mind back into “sukkha” or “harmony” and, through that it can, in fact, support weight management in the practitioner.  It does this through many ways including through the physical postures, which can detoxify the body & harmonize the nervous system, through pranayama (breathing practices), which can still the restless mind that often desires food in the face of stress, as well as relaxation & meditation, which can increase awareness & lead to wiser food choices. 

In addition, yoga can increase metabolism (even the gentler forms) since it pumps fresh blood into cells and muscles and, at times, can even increase heart rate. 

Overall, yoga helps to create homeostasis (or optimal balance) in the body which, over time and with consistency, can allow the body to reach its’ most healthy weight & lead to and overall sense of joy & well-being.

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Yoga differs a great deal from religion and in no way conflicts with any religious affiliation.  The yoga practices and principles were created in order to evoke conscious awareness from within.  Yoga’s key goal is to prepare the body and mind for meditation and to teach the practitioner the true meaning of life. 

Slowly, through diligence, dedication & courage, the yogi can sift through what is no longer true for them and connect to their deepest Self – or as the yogis call it, the “Atman”.  In turn, yoga then encourages any system of practice that supports individuals toward the aim of deep inner peace and connection to the Divine, or Source, or God or anything that resonates with something beyond the “small self”. 

The more one practices yoga, the more one develops compassion, self-acceptance, internal strength and stamina and, in turn, the more at peace one can become in mind, body and spirit.  

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Most of our classes welcome beginners. Your choice of the class to start depends on your goals and fitness level.

We recommend that you start with gentle 1 or gentle 2 classes and build your way up to Vinyasa Flow if you are looking for more physically challenging yoga experience.

If you are injured or have a chronic health condition, it may be best to start with our Beginner’s Private Session. For your convenience we offer $50 off of your first Beginner's Private session.

Please login onto MindBody Scheduler to request an appointment.

Be sure to let your teacher know of any injuries and remember to listen to your body, be kind to yourself and enjoy your practice!

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Wear comfortable, breathable clothing in which you can easily move. Choose easy layers to adjust to possible changes in temperature as you warm up during the practice and cool down for Savasana, final relaxation pose. Please remember that yoga is done barefoot. Shoes are not allowed inside of yoga studio. Please be aware that if you choose to wear socks into yoga space, the floors might feel slippery. We steam our floors daily to maintain the highest standards of hygiene. 

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It is quite simple.  There are two main ways to do it. 

The best and most efficient is to use our Mindbody scheduler.  Please click here to visit it now, you can always access MindBody scheduler by clicking on the main menu tab “Schedule & Purchase”.  Through it you simply create a user name and password and can access your account any time to sign up for classes, private sessions, massage, energy work and more. 

It is also a great way to see who is teaching and what classes are offered on a specific day and time and find the ones that work for you.   

The other way is to call us at 440-720-1470. Please leave a message and we will gladly register you for your selected class.  

Also, be sure to arrive a few minutes before class as all classes start at designated start times. 

If you are brand new, you will have a small amount of paperwork so be sure to allow a little extra time for that too.  

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Actually, yoga is a critical part of the healing process of the body and mind.  You can most definitely practice yoga with all of these conditions.  Please avoid practice if you have a contagious illness like the flu or fever. 

 For all other illnesses or injuries, we recommend first to try our Beginner’s Private Yoga Session for only $50 (normally $75 per hour). Click here to request an appointment.  This is a great way for us to get to know your specific needs, current limitations & goals.  Chairs and massage table may be utilized for students who cannot easily access getting up and down off of the floor. 

Remember, yoga can be used as both a preventative tool as well as a catalyst to assist the body into healing itself in the midst of illness and/or pain.  So don’t let that stop you from connecting with us.  Even just a few minutes a day of yoga can literally transform your body and your life.

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The only thing we ask you to bring your first day is an open mind!  We have mats for you to use while trying your first class as well as water and props.

  Eventually you will want to purchase a mat for yourself, but we are happy to provide a complimentary mat for you and see how you enjoy the classes. We do ask you to purchase mat wipes if you are using a studio mat. It is always a good idea to have a bottle of water with you, especially for our more advanced classes. 

All we ask is that you have a tight-fitting lid on the bottle.  Click here to read about yoga etiquette & tips for your yoga practice. Remember to wear comfortable, breathable clothing and a cover up in case you are chilly after a sweaty class.  We hope to see you on the mat!

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We offer an excellent way for new students to get to know our classes and teachers with our new student One Month Unlimited special for $48.  This is for students new to Agni only. 

We also offer a Beginner Private 1 Hour Session for almost half the price of our regular private yoga sessions.  The beginner’s private session is only $50 and is a great way to learn the basics of alignment, modifications to suit your body’s needs, learn specific practices for your individual goals and more.    

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