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Why choose Private Yoga Sessions?

Ever wanted to try yoga but have never been to a class and felt a little strange about practicing in a larger group, especially for your first time?   

Do you have an injury, chronic condition or illness and feel uncomfortable getting up and down off the floor?  Are you pregnant or recovering from surgery?

Do you have yoga experience but want to go deeper into the alignment, yogic philosophies, the emotional components and/or want to progress your practice even further than you can in a class? 

These, among many other reasons, is what makes private yoga sessions a wonderful complement to our regular yoga classes.

Here are a few things you can expect from a private session that would be different than a regular class:

A private session is a perfect opportunity to connect with a teacher and get questions answered that you may have never had a chance to act.  It is an interactive experience in which you and the teacher can communicate throughout the session in order for you to find more ease with the postures themselves, moving from one posture to the next or transition as well as a greater understanding of the breath and its’ vital role within postures as well as during relaxation and meditation time. 

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One on one time with an experienced teacher who can assess you and suggest a variety of postures and practices that may support your personal goals, whether they may be physical or and/or mental/emotional.

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During a private session, you receive more in depth exploration of the alignment, the postures themselves and their benefits as well as more specific knowledge on how to keep the body safe and enjoy the practices.  Remember it is about practice not perfection.  The private sessions are also a chance for you to learn more in depth about the eight limbs of yoga and how yoga truly is a powerful healing practice for the mind, body and spirit.

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Another excellent reason to try our private sessions is to empower you to take your practice back home too.  Our teachers can design a home practice specifically designed to suit your needs as well as suggest what props might be needed as well as how often and how long and even a create a customized plan to keep you on track both at the studio and at home.  Yoga is not just something we do, it is something we practice and that we are.  By connecting with a teacher privately, a whole new world can open up and soon, you can become your most inspiring teacher!

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Sometimes taking a regular class can be difficult if you are recovering from an illness or injury.  During our private sessions, we can adapt your practice by using chairs and even our massage tables in order to show you ways you can keep the practice going no matter what you might be struggling with.  Our teachers are experienced in a variety of conditions including arthritis, headaches, back & knee pain, issues with the joints including hips and shoulders as well as neck problems among many others.  We have teachers who specialize in healing from cancer, autoimmune disorders, anxiety, depression & more.  So don’t let any obstacle get in the way of exploring yoga…you will be supported every breath of the way!

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It is very simple! 

If you are a beginner to our studio and/or brand new to yoga in general, try our “Beginner Yoga Session” as a one time option for a thorough introduction to the essence of yoga (also excellent for pre-natal students). 

For our established students, we offer private sessions that can be tailored as described above. 

We also offer private sessions in energy work such as Reiki, Chakra Therapy & Prana Energy Balancing as well as Therapeutic massage, Thai Massage and more. 

For more information on our private sessions, please call 440-720-1470.  

We also offer private sessions for two or more students as well so invite or friend or create a small group and let the magic begin!

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