Yoga Tips & Etiquette

Yoga Studio Etiquette


1. Arrive early

Please arrive 5-10 minutes prior to class.  This will give you ample time to find a spot and settle in before class. Our doors open 15 minutes before class starts. Please do not bang on the door if you are earlier as we are with students in another class.

2. Enter mindfully

Bodywork treatments and classes may be in session when you arrive, so please enter the studio mindfully and keep vocal tone low.  Remove your shoes and place in our racks or under the benches. Coats and other outerwear can be hung on our coat racks and all personal belongings can be stowed in our cubbies. Open and close bathroom doors quietly.

3. Cell phones

Please silence all cell phones and electrical items into the “OFF” position during class to allow for a quiet environment. If you would, place phones/purses/bags in cubbies. Please do not participate in phone conversations in our lobby, or even on our sidewalk. Remember, everyone needs to “unplug” and it helps our class/massage environment to temporarily leave our worldly trappings outside the door. 

4. Signing in

Check in with the front desk and sign in on our sign in sheet.   Please check in at the desk even if you have signed up online. Online sign ups are helpful for teachers in planning classes but if you are late for class and the class is full, your spot may be given to someone who is in studio on time.

5. Yoga mats/props

We have a limited amount of Jade yoga mats for rent for $3 per rental.  Mat wipes are available in the studio so you can wipe down your rental mat clean before and after your practice. We provide all other yoga props so there is no need to bring your own unless preferred.

6. Water

Feel free to bring water bottles/containers and be sure they have lids to prevent spilling. Have a drink before class, but limit yourself to a sip or 2 during class IF needed. It is better to hydrate after class. Our bodies do best with empty or light stomachs during asana practice, and this includes water.

7. Injuries/physical limitations

Please inform teachers of ANY acute or chronic conditions or injuries so that we may best accommodate your needs.  If in doubt that a pose is right for you, pause and listen to your body and feel free to ask for support from our highly trained staff. We may recommend modifications, a different style class, or an alternate pose.

8. During class

Listen to both your body and the teacher’s instruction. Stay focused on your practice and try not to leave the room unless it is an emergency as it is a distraction to others. While modifications and alternate poses are encouraged, we ask that you do follow the class in general.

9. Mats

Stay on your mat, and off of others’ unless given permission. Mats are an extension of our personal space and cleanliness. When using the studio mat, please make sure you use complementary natural sanitizing wipes available in the studio and clean your mat before & after your practice.

10. Illness

Yoga asana, even gentle class, is a physical activity and we do go upside down.  Know your limits and stay home when ill. Choosing a gentler class to restart your practice after being ill is also encouraged.

11. Passing gas

A natural occurrence which may happen during a yoga class. Please do not make a big deal about it, and keep moving with the class. If it is more than a once in a great while occurrence, check with your teacher about it. You may be eating/drinking too closely to the time of practice. If this becomes a disruption of class, then refer to number 10. illness and stay home.

12. Feedback

Please tell us if you have an individual need or suggestion to make your yoga experience even more enjoyable.  Connect with the front desk staff, teachers or contact our Studio Director, Deb Bunnell.


inspired by the Yamas & Niyamas:

1. Ahimsa

Drop the judgement. It is normal to judge ourselves and others but the practice of yoga reminds us that“ahimsa” or “non-violence” can transform the most difficult moment to the most joyful ones. Be kind to yourself and others and life will flow with more ease and peace.

2. Satya

Be true to your body and listen to its’ signals. Practice “satya” or “truthfulness” on the mat. When the body needs a rest, don’t be afraid to take a pause and go within.

3. Asteya

“Non—stealing” besides the obvious can also mean not stealing attention. Don’t take over the class or discussion, really listen to others; if you have many questions for your teacher, schedule a private session. Celebrate with others when they reach a goal.

4. Brahmacharya

Be creative with your practice. Modify and create new waves of moving and breathing that bring your body into harmony. Don’t let yourself get depleted by pushing too hard and stuck by being afraid to venture into new postures and ideas.

5. Aparigraha

See the good within your practice and your body from day to day and this abundance mentality will also translate off the mat and into your life

6. Saucha

Notice what you allow yourself to “take in” on a daily basis. Focus on purity of mind, body and soul and choose practices and situations which evoke this feeling within you.

7. Santosha

Come in with beginner’s mind. Even the most experienced yogis can find a deep sense of bliss from simply taking each class and each pose as a new beginning. Letting go of expectations is the key to contentment on and off the mat.

8. Tapas

Be consistent even when you don’t see immediate benefits. Yoga has a cumulative effect so be sure to practice it regularly and experiment with some home practice as well. Be clear of your intentions and goals and commit to sticking with the process. Our teachers are here to support you along the way.

9. Svadhyana

Self-study is a key principle of yoga and critical in an enriching experience on the mat. Enjoy learning about yourself, your patterns and tendencies and growing more and more every day.

10. Ishwara Pranidhana

Focus on the breath and simply surrender into the moment without attachment or rigidity of mind or body. Embrace the unknown, have faith in yourself and the process, and enjoy the journey!





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